SAP BI 7.51 Access (Private Environment)


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Seriously Simple SAP BI Hosting

(as low as $79/month with purchase of 12 months)

Need a private SAP BI/BW server to practice and keep your data safe?

You will be connecting directly your personal, private SAP BI/BW 7.51 demo environment via SAPGUI.  

Enjoy private SAP BI Server Access without the hassles of owning or operating your own SAP system.

The Private SAP BI 7.51 Environment includes:

  • 3 SAP user IDs (incl. 1 Developer ID)
  • Includes SAP GUI and step by step setup and connect video
  • Full access to all end-user and configuration transactions
  • SAP_ALL access
  • Sample configuration, master data and transactions
  • Work through your personal scenarios without worrying that someone else may change/delete your settings
  • Play & practice as much as you want
  • Additional user IDs available* (contact for details)

If you are a serious SAP organization and need to have your own system this is the subscription for you.


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