SAP 7.51 Sandbox Tutorial (latest version)




Private SAP Server Access from Anywhere (just pay for hosting)

Have you ever wanted a personal private SAP server to practice SAP and SAP BI/BW? Well, now you can easily set up your very own in around two hours!  This tutorial steps you through the process of creating your very own SAP server in the cloud so you can practice your skills anywhere, anytime.

You’re responsible for manually extending your trial every 90 days (don’t worry, it’s easy, I’ll show you how in the course).  Failure to extend your trial will result in your SAP environment being locked down and impossible to log in to.  As long as you stay on top of extending your trial, you’re free to enjoy perpetual FREE SAP access to improve upon your skills! All you need to pay for is hosting.

How does this type of trial system compare to other paid shared SAP servers?

There’s no comparison.  Don’t waste your time and money paying for SAP shared or private server access. These companies throw hundreds of users onto the same system and charge upwards of $1000 USD for monthly access.  Paying for shared access makes it difficult to practice as there is little to no quality control.  Imagine that you’ve been working on a huge project only to find that another user has been modifying your objects.  It can be incredibly frustrating as you have no way to stopping this behavior.   Not to mention frequent server crashing and poor performance.  That’s why we recommend you keep everything private on your own system to maximize your SAP learning experience.

SAP Initial System Configuration is very, very tricky!

I’ll guide you step by step through the system configuration process.  It’s very daunting so I highly recommend you follow the steps as outlined in the videos as one wrong SAP entry could require a complete system rebuild.

Cloud Server Hosting?

We require that you use a hosted Linux Ubuntu OS through our highly recommended host. This also gives you the ability to take your SAP machine anywhere you have an internet connection!

  • You’ll need a Mac or Windows computer connected to the internet
  • At least 15GB HDD free space (external SSD recommended)
  • Reliable internet connection required to download large SAP install files

  • Anyone looking to obtain SAP or SAP BI/BW access without paying a monthly SAP license fee

  • Understand how to easily set up a trial SAP or SAP BI/BW system in the cloud
  • Learn how to start and stop SAP servers
  • Practice SAP or SAP BI/BW in you very own system


So if learning how to quickly set up your very own private SAP and BI/BW system in the cloud excites you, this is definitely the course for you!  I’ll see you on the inside!


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