Local Network Access for SAP

If you wish to configure your system so it will always work locally you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Change oracle virtual Box network connection type to NAT and add Port Forwarding Rules
    • Once complete, your VM will be assigned an IP address of 10.0.x.x.  Usually
  • If this IP differs from, ensure the appropriate guest IP is entered within the port forwarding screen
  • Update the IP address within /etc/hosts to match the IP from the prior step (
  • Update your SAP GUI connection parameters to point to 

Step by Step Instructions (with screenshots)
  1. Set the Virtual Machine network type to NAT and click on Port Forwarding.  
    1. Enter the following Port Forwarding Rules (screenshot)

  1. Now that we’ve set our Network type to NAT and configured Port forwarding, we must make sure that our SAP IP address is updated to the new 
    • run ifconfig in terminal
    • Update your /etc/hosts file to reflect this new IP address ( for vhcalnplci by typing : sudo nano /etc/hosts (see second half of screenshot below)

  1. Finally, update your SAP GUI connection info to represent the IP address: (screenshot)

Now you should be good to take your SAP environment with you 🙂
If you have any issues with connecting, make sure to restart your virtual machine and boot SAP back up:
Step 1: Open terminal
Step 2: su npladm
Step 3: startsap all
April 11, 2018

2 responses on "Local Network Access for SAP"

  1. Dear Mr. Davis,

    I’ tried to install SAP trial according to your tutorial, but it doesn’t work. I always got the message “the hostname you have chosen is either configured on a loopback device or not active on this server” (but everything is configured as you described, the text files were checked and the system was restarted for about a hundred times). I can skip the hostname check, but then the installation execute fails at step 18, so I suppose any coherence. Now I configured the network as in this tutorial, but I got the same annoying message… do you any advice?

    Best Regards

  2. HI Mr.Davis,

    I followed your instruction for LAN access of SAP, by configuring the port forwarding and changing as well the host file. But I’m still encountering an error “the hostname you have chosen is either configured on a loopback device or not active on this server”, after executing the “sudo ./install.sh -g”. The same error encountered by @Mathias.

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