Different Types of SAP Jobs

SAP Job diversity

Before we detail each type of SAP job available, here’s a quick background of what SAP is.  It’s an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) that consolidates numerous functions that were at one time spread out amongst many legacy systems.  SAP software streamlines all lines of business post implementation.

Now on to why a career working with SAP software is great.  When you think of SAP, I want you to think of possessing a skill with numerous sub skills.  When you talk to anyone that works for a company performing an SAP role, they will more than likely talk about which area of the software they specialize in.  Employees always have a particular niche within one of SAP’s many modules.  For example, let’s pretend you are in charge of a large company like Walmart.  The SAP software they have in place contains numerous subareas depending upon what industry package was purchased from SAP.   Those subareas are what make working with SAP such an experience.  Let’s discuss in detail a few of the most popular niche SAP skills to possess in today’s market.

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SAP Security Administrator

Every company running SAP requires a dedicated SAP Security team to ensure that the system is secure and employees are limited by what they can view within the organization.  SAP security skills expose you to all elements of the business as it’s a core component of every process area.  One of the main responsibilities of the Security team involves creating user roles.

A role is a set of abilities that someone is assigned.  For example, an accountant would only have access to relevant accounting transactions in SAP, while someone working in HR would be able to see all employee data like salary and personal information, areas in which the accounting role would disallow.

SAP Security is also responsible for managing system user access.  If a new employee joins the company, the security team is responsible for configuring that user’s access within SAP in accordance with their defined job functions.

 SAP BASIS Administrator

The BASIS Administrators essentially keep the lights on for all SAP systems.  They install, upgrade, and administrate all things SAP within a company.  This is why we must stress the importance of BASIS resources understanding how to performance tune and patch the system as many fixes need to be implemented across the entire production landscape.  These repairs must be properly tested and implemented up the path from Development, Test, and Production.

The BASIS team are the first responders in the event of system issues. For example, if the SAP Business Warehouse system goes down, the BASIS is responsible for bringing it back online and performing a root cause analysis as to why it went offline.  Even an outage that lasts less than five minutes can put the entire company at a standstill as SAP systems are the lifeblood of every company running on it.  Downtime is extremely costly and BASIS works to mitigate it to the best of their and SAPs abilities.

SAP BW Developer

The Business Warehouse team is responsible for making sure data from all different types of sources, load successfully into the SAP BW data warehouse and reportable in time for business consumption.  This team is near and dear to my heart as I have specialized in BW since I got my SAP start.  It’s fascinating when the BW team can design and build the backend and front end solution that allows the business to analyze trends, allowing end users to see how the business can improve.  That’s why it was always important to ensure data accuracy and availability.

On the BW team, you work very closely with the Business side of the company.  You will design solutions for them as you are truly the backbone for all decision making by turning years of data, into analyzable information that directly impacts upper management descions .

SAP ABAP Developer

The ABAP team is responsible for coding solutions using SAP’s Advanced Business Application Programming language.  When there is a need for custom programs, functions, scripts, the ABAP team will design and implement a solution. In a nutshell, anything involving coding and accomplishing something that SAP does not deliver plain vanilla in their software is the ABAP team’s responsibility.

SAP FICO Consultant

A FICO consultant is responsible for providing solutions and acting as the liaison with the business.  They provide updates on enhancements and improvements within the Finance area.  FICO consultants have a strong understanding of fixed asset accounting, alternate ledgers (local and tax books), data conversions, internal orders, CIP, depreciation and closing processes in SAP.

SAP Material Management Consultant

A MM consultant would be in charge of driving the supply-chain functionality built into SAP’s framework.  The MM team is vital to businesses that focus on production versus selling services.  A good example would be a business like Amazon that ships all over the world and must retain a consistently accurate inventory counts.
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SAP GRC Consultant

GRC consultants are normally more functional than technical.  They work closely with upper management ensuring that the SAP software is functionally compliant with company, industry, and government guidelines for risk, audit, and governance.

Business Objects Report Designer

The BO report designer is responsible for creating beautiful reports based on client requirements.  They produce high performance presentations of data for end user consumption.  These include static and dynamic tables, graphics, and scheduled distributions of content to users.  This team is at the top of the information delivery totem pole as they directly present and design solutions based on requirements.

Training Material for every SAP Skill Can Be Found Here

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  1. SAP security online training Protection is just a word you notice related to computers daily.
    Since many businesses are preserving sensitive enterprise information in data bases,
    someone needs to secure this information and oversee those who have use of it.
    SAP is multinational software development company, and business consulting firm situated in Germany.

  2. Good evening sir\mam,
    Am doing B.com in information technology 1 year .the SAP course is going to start in 2nd year can u tell me the course which I can take up to build my career in a better way,weating for you r reply .

    • Go the BI/BW route if you are just starting out. It allows you to work with multiple lines of business and other SAP areas which is great for your career and networking. I’d recommend you start out with the BW310 Enterprise Data Warehousing training to gauge your interest in this particular role.

  3. Sir u have completed B.tech in electrical which sap course will be help full for me .

  4. Sir, I have done B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), I am a planning engineering.I have 04 years of working experience in construction. Will u please guide me, which type of SAP course will be suitable for me.

  5. Hello sir,
    This is Paras Gupta from Agra. Right now, I m persuing a MBA(2017-2019) batch. I want to know about which type of SAP course I will do and from where. And please also tell me Can I will do this course after completed MBA or not?
    I m waiting your response.

  6. Hlo I’m completed my b.sc hotel management and catering science sap course suitable for me or which role me suitable please tell me

  7. Hello sir/mam,

    I Am vasavi. I have completed my post graduation specialization in master’s computer applications recently. Due to some reasons I go for marketing sales coordinator having experience with 2 years. Now I decided and interested to learn SAP. Which module is good for me. Please suggest me which one I have to choose.

    Thank you.

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