SAP Business Explorer BEx Query Design and Analysis (BW305)

Learn how to create BEx Queries! In this course you will learn how to create front end reports in SAP BEx Query Designer and run those queries within SAP Business Explorer Analyzer to discover meaningful insights about your data residing in BI/BW!

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Course Description

Download Course Fact Sheet (Scroll Down for the full Curriculum and video demos)

This is a truly a step-by-step course that will take you into the incredible world of BEx Query Design and Analysis. Watch just a few of our training videos and you will immediately understand how both BEx Analyzer and Query Designer work!

Learn by doing! Each section builds on the others to keep you both challenged and engaged.

After our introductory section, every module is independent so you can start from wherever you’d like. The more you learn and practice these skills, the better you will get. Feel free to take your time while you master this valuable set of Query Design skills.

This class will make you a highly proficient BEx Query Designer. By the end of this course you will confidently add BEx Query Design to your CV.

BONUS: This course will be updated with brand new sections as SAP release new versions of their software in the future. So when you enroll – you enroll for life!

What are the requirements?

  • Basic knowledge of SAP

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 28 Lectures and 4 hours of content!
  • Introduction to SAP BEx Analyzer
  • Starting BEx Analyzer from within SAP BW
  • Starting BEx Analyzer via the front end GUI
  • Opening Queries
  • Find, InfoProvider Selection, Roles, History
  • BEx Analyzer Output Options
  • Report-Level Filter Types
  • Charts, Information
  • Create local Calculations and Formulas
  • Editing queries on the fly
  • BEx Analyzer Toolbar Options
  • Opening, Saving, Save As (workbook, view), Refresh
  • Creating and Opening Views
  • Change Variables and more
  • Create New Query (launches Query Designer)
  • BEx Broadcaster, Report Designer, Web Analyzer
  • Copy Sheet, System Info, Global Settings
  • Introduction to SAP BEx Query Designer
  • Starting BEx Query Designer from within SAP BW
  • Starting BEx Query Designer via the front end GUI
  • Creating a new Query
  • BEx Query Designer Panes
  • InfoProvider, Filter, Rows/Columns, Structures
  • Properties, Tasks, Messages
  • BEx Query Designer Menu Overview
  • Create/Choose a query to edit
  • BEx Report Design Options
  • Using Filters (static vs dynamic)
  • Conditions (TOP N)
  • Exceptions (Conditional formatting)
  • Variables
  • Selection Option
  • Multi-Select Option
  • Text
  • Hierarchies
  • Calculated & Restricted Key Figures

What is the target audience?

  • You should take this course if want to learn BEx Query Design and Analysis completely from scratch
  • You should take this course if you know some BEx Query Design and Analysis skills but want to get better
  • You should take this course if you are good in SAP BI/BW and want to take your skills to the next level and truly leverage the full potential of BI/BW by learning how to report on data stored in the BW database

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to BEx Analyzer
Launching BEx and Opening Queries 00:12:00
BEx Query Navigation, Button Layout, and Filtering 00:13:00
Editing a BEx query on the fly and BEx Analyzer Toolbar Options 00:11:00
BEx Analyzer Report Output Properties 00:05:00
Section 2: BEx Query Designer
Query Designer Report Properties 00:05:00
Quickly adding a local formula to report output 00:03:00
Query Designer Overview 00:17:00
Static Characteristic Restrictions FREE 00:10:00
Filtering with dynamic variables 00:08:00
Selection Option Variable Filter 00:06:00
Using Multiple Selection Option Variable Filters 00:05:00
Dynamic Text Variables 00:07:00
Calculated Key Figures 00:06:00
Structures – Characteristic and Key Figure 00:08:00
Key Figure Hierarchies 00:04:00
Conditions 00:05:00
Exceptions 00:08:00
Section 3: BEx Analyzer and Query Designer Exercises
Query Designer – BEx Analyzer Filter 00:04:00
BEx Analyzer – Creating and Opening Views 00:04:00
BEx Query Designer – Creating Filters 00:05:00
Query Designer – Workbooks – Copy Sheet and Filtering 00:10:00
Local Formulas at the BEx Analyzer Level 00:05:00
Restricted Key Figures 00:04:00
Section 4: Certification Prep Reading Material
Beginner to Advanced Prep Material 04:00:00

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  1. Yadigar


    It was very much exciting learning

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    I found this course to be very engaging, informative, and useful. It is based on real world examples, which helps the learning process.

    The instructor took his time and explained things in a very easy to understand manner. I look forward to taking other courses by this same instructor.

  3. Abhishek Anand


    its been great

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    cours est tres explicite.

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    Great Explanation

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    very detailed explanation

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    It’s very clear and concise

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    Estou visualizando perfeitamente

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    Excellent explanation

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    Very clear to the point instruction, good communication skill.

  11. Alexandre Souza


    The instructions were very clear. The professor is very attentive. I have lots of praise for this course. Very very good.

  12. Olusegun Oso


    Great course content.

  13. Chandrashekhar Prusty


    Videos are very interactive and I am able to understand the concepts very well

  14. Miguel Angel Prado Jaramillo


    Simply excelente! 😉

  15. Bien Manalo


    Very informative and organize. Great work!

  16. Sanjay Dinda


    Excellent Course content and many thanks to the instructor for explaining every points in detail

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