SAP BI/BW Sandbox Setup Tutorial (Free Trial)

Learn how to Set Up a Free SAP BW Sandbox Trial Environment on your computer
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Course Description

SAP BI/BW Server Access with NO MONTHLY FEES!

Have you ever wanted a personal private SAP BI/BW server to practice your SAP BI/BW development? Well, now you can easily set up your very own in around 90 minutes!  This tutorial steps you through the process of creating your very own SAP BI/BW server on your local machine.

There are absolutely NO MONTHLY FEES with this type of trial SAP system.  The only catch is, you’re responsible for manually extending your trial every 90 days.  Failure to extend your trial will result in your SAP environment being locked down and impossible to log in to.  As long as you stay on top of extending your trial, you’re free to enjoy perpetual FREE SAP access to improve upon your skills!

How does this type of trial system compare to other paid shared SAP servers?

There’s no comparison.  Don’t waste your time and money paying for SAP shared server access. These companies throw hundreds of users onto the same system and charge upwards of $100 USD for monthly access.  Paying for shared access makes it difficult to practice as there is little to no quality control.  Imagine that you’ve been working on a huge BW development project only to find that another user has been modifying your BW objects.  It can be incredibly frustrating as you have no way to stopping this behavior.   Not to mention frequent server crashing and poor performance.  That’s why we recommend you keep everything private on your own system to maximize your BI/BW learning experience.

BI/BW Initial System Configuration is very, very tricky!

I’ll guide you step by step through the system configuration process.  It’s very daunting so I highly recommend you follow the steps as outlined in the videos as one wrong SAP entry could require a complete system rebuild.

Virtual Machine?

We recommend that you use a virtualized OS through either VMware or Oracle VirtualBox to keep the SAP system separate from your primary.  This also gives you the ability to take a snapshot of your virtual machine at a current state in time that will allow you to quickly restore if you accidentally misconfigure something.

So if learning how to quickly set up your very own private SAP BI/BW system in around 90 minutes excites you, this is definitely the course for you!  I’ll see you on the inside!

What are the requirements?

  • You’ll need to install this software on a windows 7 machine (virtual or live). Some students have been successful with installing on windows 8 & 10. We will use windows 7 in the videos as this OS has the most straightforward install
  • At least 2GB RAM free (for Virtual Machine) or on local install
  • At least 100GB of free Hard Drive space
  • Reliable internet connection as the SAP installer is around 4GB

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand how to easily set up a trial SAP BI/BW system
  • Manage/administrate the SAP BI/BW system
  • Add users to your system
  • Practice SAP BI/BW development!

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone looking to obtain SAP BI/BW access without paying a monthly fee
  • Responsible individuals that will stay on top of their trial renewals to their system access won’t lapse and lock out
  • Don’t take this course if occasional error messages stop you in your tracks. Some research may be required for troubleshooting issues isolated to your machine during install

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Virtual Machine Configuration
Prerequisites 00:00:00
Download Windows 7 OS 00:00:00
Download Virtual Machine Software 00:00:00
VM Config – Video Walkthrough FREE 00:10:00
Section 2: Register and Download the SAP Trial software
Trial Registration 00:00:00
Register, Download, and Begin Trial Install – Video Walkthrough 00:03:00
Section 3: Installing the SAP Software
Installation – Video Walkthrough 00:09:00
Section 4: SAP Management and Administration
Learn How to Start and Stop Your SAP System 00:05:00
Section 5: Install SAP GUI, Create Your Users, Connect to BW and Stage Your Data
GUI and User Setup – Video Walkthrough 00:20:00
Section 6: Trial License Renewal
Add additional 90 days to trial – Video Walkthrough 00:04:00
Section 7: Troubleshooting common issues
Fix – DSO to Cube load failing 00:05:00

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  1. Hicham AMINE


    Excellent. Explain how to install SAP BWA to start learning SAP BW

  2. Pizz


    This is an excellent tutorial. Hats off to Rob! SAP system installation is not for the faint of hearts.

  3. Lassine Mariko


    This is a great course on getting your BW system setup. Thanks a lot Rob!!

  4. Andy Roberts


    End result achieved. Rob is very helpful and his presentation is awesome.

  5. Mehmet Kocakoglu


    it is a very useful course. Without this course i could never install and configure this system. Thank you Rob!

  6. Justin Solomon


    The course is very informative and relevant especially to a first-timer such as myself when it comes to setting up my own BW system.
    -edit- I have raised a few points (below) to the instructor and were addressed in a timely manner, I now give full stars! –edit- 1. Why use a virtual machine at all? Is it 100% necessary to use a virtual machine as opposed to running BW directly on my personal desktop’s OS? 2. Direct download links to free but legitimate software could have been provided for easier reference (e.g. for setting up the virtual machine). 3. Exposing the virtual machine to the internet so users can connect to the BW system remotely – while outside the house; in a Starbucks for instance.

  7. Baurzhan Zhakeleyev


    This is one of the courses that I really appreciate on Udemy. Like to hear such an English (my lovely American accent) where you understand everything being said. Thank you Rob, you’re awesome :-), it was pleasure to go through this course, and finally I have minisap which I can use both for ABAP and BI/BW system trainings.

  8. Thato Mo


    Good value for money. Excellent course. The steps are accurate. The dropbox files were very helpful, because I did battle with getting the SAP email which had downloads links.

  9. Kevin O'Reilly


    Love it! Now I have a BI system on my laptop. Thanks Rob!

  10. Simon Taylor


    Very well spoken with clear instructions which worked the first time.

  11. Marc Suben


    the course was very good, and allowed me to get a fully functional trial BW/BI system up and running.

  12. Wissalfati


    The Course is good

  13. Sory Toure


    Rich content, easy to follow

  14. Raghav Ranjan


    Good course. Does what it says in a clear, concise way.

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